Cocktail of the Week

1 Feb

When I was in college, I totally thought that once people graduated, their alcohol consumption would decrease. WRONG. My friends consume the same amount, they just altered the drinking lexicon to sound more adult: frat parties and ’80s-themes dances became wine-and-cheese soirees and dinner parties, and pregames became happy hours. I recently walked by a bar in midtown Manhattan that offers a happy hour from 11-7 every day. 11 AM drink discounts. That’s how serious grownups are about their booze. However, if you are like me, you can’t really afford to meet your friends at bars after work, especially in NYC, where a drink is like $12. It’s so much better to make your own, no?

You may also be wondering why I am posting the cocktail of the week on a Tuesday. This, my friends, is because, in my thinking, when are you actually going to be in need of a drink more? Friday after work, when you still have the whole weekend ahead of you? Or Tuesday, which, in my opinion, is the worst day of the week, when it looks like the work week cannot possibly be close to ending? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

So anyway, my go-to drink to make and have with friends is sangria. By sangria, I pretty much mean any kind of wine combined with whatever fruit you have lying around your house, with possibly some juice or seltzer mixed in. Traditional sangria also has hard liquor, like rum or brandy, in it — ideally, you soak the sliced fruit in a bit of the liquor, then mix it with the wine and juice. Because you probably don’t have time to do that, you can skip that step. Here’s a recipe that I used with a friend of mine this past weekend, and turned out to be the most delicious sangria we’d ever made:


We made it in the jug -- sadly, this made getting the bits of fruit out rather difficult, which I found depressing, since the fruit is my favorite part.

White Sangria (it’s actually technically pink, but whatever)

We used a half-empty jug of white wine she had in her fridge. For the sake of clarity, let’s just say use one bottle, and then you can increase it yourself according to how serious you want your night to be.


1 bottle white wine

1 apple, chopped into teeny tiny little pieces

1/2 bag frozen mixed berries (slice the strawberries)

1/2 bag assorted frozen fruit (pineapple, peaches, melon, grapes — whatever you can find)

note about the frozen fruit: buying it frozen not only saves you money, which should obviously be your main goal in life, but also the time it would take to cut various fruits into pieces. It’s a win all around.

another note about the fruit: this recipe calls for a lot of it, because I love me some alcohol-soaked fruit. Lots of it. You don’t have to use this much. However, if you do, you can almost pretend this is healthy, which is what I like to do.

2 oz. liquor — we used Bacardi Torched Cherry, which gave some extra flavor. I’d recommend any rum, flavored or not, with the white wine. If you’re more of a red wine fan, brandy works well.

a splash of juice or liqueur — there was some X-Rated Fusion fruit liqueur lying around my friend’s apartment, so we added a bit of that for even more flavor.

combine ingredients in a pitcher (you might need more than one. You can also use vases if you don’t have pitchers — they work just as well and they’re pretty)

put into fridge; let flavors seep for at least 30 mins before drinking

serve with seltzer water (any flavor you like), about 2 parts sangria, 1 part seltzer, to give it some sparkle

Enjoy! Not too much, though, because it is, after all, only Tuesday, and we’re not in college anymore, guys. Oh wait! You’re hosting a happy hour? Never mind, that totally legitimizes it. Have at it.


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