Things I Covet: Marchesa’s Fall 2011 Collection

17 Feb

Welcome to the new segment of my blog: Things I Covet. These things do not necessarily have anything to do with food — I just have to want them desperately.

NYC Fashion Week is ending, and while I didn’t get to go to any events, I’ve been following the coverage of the different shows. By far my favorite is Marchesa — some of the collection is, admittedly, a bit cracked out, but I mean, it’s Marchesa. So, duh. And some of it is also so floaty and romantic and lovely and I WANT IT ALL. Even the cracked-out pieces.


I think this is my favorite dress (it's so hard to choose!) -- probably because it is sparkly.



Actually, I can tie this to food — apparently, a bunch of the models had to sit down or almost fell over because they were so weak and tired of just standing there in 6-inch heels, and had to be fed water and peanut M&M’s. Food ahoy! And also: I will never be able to wear these dresses, because I am neither famous nor rich, and, more importantly, because all I ever do is eat and think about eating, and thus would probably not look so hot in these slinky numbers, anyway. So I’m afraid I must settle for coveting at a distance. Please take a look and covet with me.


To see the whole collection:

I am so depressed that I will never own one of these dresses that I’m going to go get a donut. Or possibly some ice cream.



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